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TI Removable Yoke
TI Non-removable Yoke

Fixtures in these low voltage, new work series contain integral transformers, and must be installed with or prior to the ceiling system. Access to the transformer is through a hinged plate. The Modupoint is the most technologically sophisticated of the Trimless series and permits easiest removal of the fixture.
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TA Accessible Transformer
The mounting frame used in this remote transformer version is unique, allowing installation of the frame and finishing of the ceiling prior to installation of the lamp and transformer sections. Accepts all low voltage and some line voltage lamps. This patented group may be used universally for old or new work. Fixture and lamp compartment are removed from the ceiling to access the transformer.
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RT Remote Transformer
A remote transformer version used for both new and old work, this fixture accommodates both line and low voltage lamps. In its low voltage application it may be universally used, and is the Trimless version most often chosen for European and Asian installations. Placement of the frame and finishing of the ceiling may precede installation of the fixture and transformer.
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