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Since the launch of Modular International Inc. 20 years ago, the artistic and technical limitations of lighting projects have progressively disappeared by our introduction of innovative products. Steady development by our team of craftsmen and technologists means that we can offer needed products almost unequalled in their reliability and range of application. Modular International Inc. gives you the power: to light, to protect, to guide, to decorate and to animate by innovation in lighting.

  • A light emitting diode is extremely resistant to vibration, compared with incandescent lamps, where the filament is always susceptible to failure from thermal or mechanical shock.
  • A theoretical life of 20 years.
  • The very low power consumption is an important consideration where electrical load and cost are concerned.
  • The latest technological developments mean that leds can almost be considered to be lamps.
  • Colored diodes are now available with intensities of 6000 millicandelas

Uplight Point Fixture
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Glazed Linear Fixture
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Solar Uplight
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Glazed Uplight Fixture
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