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Wide Angle Uplight Flush Mount

Diodes can be seen despite total embedding of the uplight. The uplight must be implemented with a connection box. A specific tool (ref. 503101008A) is required for the extraction of the uplight.

Available in: cast aluminum

Number of Diodes: 9
Supply: 120V or 24V DC
Colors: white, yellow, red, green, blue
Consumption: < 2 watts
Theoretical Life: 50,000 to 100,000 hours, depending on color

Uplight with Connection Box
Mounting dimension (without cable gland): Ø 4 49/64"
Depth: 4 23/32"

Product Details
Uplight Fixture

Connection Box
Remote Driver: 503101009Z
Integral Driver (120/24V DC): 503101009Y

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